Will the Xbox Series X Reign Supreme?

Xbox One vs Xbox Series X

In the midst of the battle for video game market domination, lies yet another battle. A battle between siblings no less. Microsoft hasn’t had the best run with the Xbox One during it’s lifespan so naturally the company is hoping to expand the system’s life as well as expand some of it’s profits with system modifications such as the Xbox One X; however, is this investment coming at some sort of cost for the company? As Microsoft invests in the Xbox One they are also unveiling their console to usher in a new generation, the Xbox Series X. This unveiling has many customers asking a question. Will the Xbox Series X truly reign supreme?

Whats the difference?

Well let’s break this argument down practically. When Microsoft released the Xbox One X, a new console that took the design and program of the Xbox One and updated it, it was seen as more than simply a more expensive version. It was more powerful and could play games in 4K graphics at a price around $500. While the Xbox Series X offers more power, better graphics with 8K resolution, and many more features, players are still wondering if the price gap will make the leap to the next generation worth it.

The Xbox Series X’s answer to this dilemma that many players may face is in it’s performance capabilities. This is not just an Xbox One that plays games in 4K graphics after all. The Xbox Series X is a console that offers faster loading times, far less frame drops, and brand new features unique to the console such as Quick Resume and Smart Delivery. These two features are especially tantalizing. Smart Delivery is practically backwards compatibility without having to buy the newer upgraded versions of Xbox One games. The Quick Resume feature allows players to bounce between games being played.

Speaking of backwards compatibility, which will additionally be returning to the Xbox Series X, many players are concerned about what a new generation means for Kinect and Kinect games. Unfortunately for Kinect fans, this is a feature that will not carry over to the next generation; however, innovation is a constant in the video game industry and fans have no idea what surprises are in store. Features such as Smart Delivery and Quick Resume are absolutely unique to the Xbox Series X. This means that, regardless of any support the Xbox One receives down the line, this new console will outperform it right out of the gate.

No contest?

These differences are gargantuan as the Xbox Series X, in terms of specs especially, is twice as powerful as the Xbox One X let alone the original Xbox One. Investing in the new generation will easily reward players for years to come as more developers create games that utilize the console to it’s fullest potential. There is no doubt that because the Xbox Series X opts for power, experience as well as future innovations we can’t imagine right at this moment it will certainly outperform it’s predecessor and stand the test of time.

Will the Xbox Series X Reign Supreme?

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