Fight Like a Real Viking in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
Fight Like a Real Viking in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
Assassin’s Creed is a series that is not only known for it’s innovation, but also it’s unique approach to gameplay. It’s a game that takes historical nuggets of our world and recontextualizes/reimagines it in a far more engaging manner as an immersive action role-playing saga. Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Valhalla aims to do the same in this new installment. It reimagines the history of Nordic vikings.

The background

Players will start off by meeting their character, Eivor, and pretty soon the goals become clear as you’ll be let loose to go do Viking stuff. Viking stuff like what you may be asking? Quests galore! Eivor sets off on multiple quests throughout the game that are quite memorable such as a quest involving the celebration of a marriage and an assault against a rival camp. There are two factors that make these quests memorable rather than tedious. The first obvious one is that the gameplay, mostly the combat in Valhalla, is more customizable. This allows for a far more unique or personalized experience.

Players are now being offered the ability to dual wield any combination of two weapons, including shields. They’re given access to more weapon choices in the game such as flails and greatswords as well as provided with skill tree leveling option. This skill tree allows the player to buff stats such as stealth, agility and strength while also granting access to special moves which can be used on the battlefield. The skill tree is split up in three ways between Wolf powers, Raven powers, and Bear powers. Ubisoft is throwing quite a lot at Assassin’s Creed veterans and newcomers with their newest installments; however, what are the benefits of these new inclusions?

The Game

For starters, more weapon variety and manipulation will allow players of varying skills to innovate. Imagine that Eivor is being surrounded in an enemy camp. What are the options on the table? If the player as progressed far down the skill tree and invested in Bear powers, Eivor may be able to completely obliterate this wave with powerful special moves leaning toward strength. The same can be said for the other two powers as well. Investing in the other paths gives even more variety and choice not to mention splitting up interest between the paths. Outside of skill tree investment, players have access to an abundant supply of gear in Valhalla. Equipping Eivor with the proper gear to handle a situation also comes into account given the aforementioned scenario. All of these factors, weapons and weapon styles being utilized, skill tree investments and skill tree optimization as well as general skill at using mechanics such as stealth, parrying and dodging will all play a part in how difficult a fight may be for a player.


Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is gearing up to be an extremely fun and unique experience. Many older mechanics such as the Eagle Vision mechanic and the inclusion of an animal companion will also be returning to Valhalla. This ensure that the game provides the opportunity for veterans to mix the old with the new. Come November 17th 2020, will you take up the challenge of fighting as Eivor?
Fight Like a Real Viking in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

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